Why Britain attracts so many foreign national students?

Why Britain attracts so many foreign national students?

Have you ever wondered why so many people flock over to the United Kingdom to study? Is it because of the world-class universities from Oxford to Cambridge, from the London School of Economics to Durham? Is it because of the rich history and culture of Britain from the Natural history museum to the Victoria and Albert Museum? It’s all of these reasons and more!

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Beyond the names of famous universities and institutions, what does Britain have to offer?

Six of the universities ranked in the top 30 are in the UK. They’re the best because they are producing leading research in the fields of science, art, technology, medicine and the humanities.

In terms of output, although the UK has less than 5% of researchers globally, it accounts for 10% downloaded research and 11% of citations, with over 15% articles being the most cited across the world.

Our professors range from renowned experts such as economist Ha-Joon Chang to particle physics expert Brian Edward Cox to Indian author and historian Priyamvada Gopal.

Increasingly Britain’s leading research institutions are relying on global experts from abroad. In 2015-2016, it was reported that the number of foreign nationals working in universities was approximately 34%.

A history of producing world leaders

News reports from the independent to the BBC have noted that in more than one in seven countries, the leader of the said country was educated in Britain.

These leaders include Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who studied PPE at Oxford; Manmohan Singh, India’s first Sikh Prime Minister, who studied economics at Cambridge; and, Ghana’s former President, John Atta, who studied law at the London School of Economics. 

A taste of British Culture

Whilst Britain’s superb university ranking and deep history certain are alluring to international students, there is more. There is the culture, from the myriad of museums to historic sites like Nelson’s column. Brits are also known for their love of British ale and drinks as well as nightclubs which garner international attention such as Oceana.

Post-Study Visa

What’s even more exciting is that in a bit to secure international talent, the UK is rolling out the post-study work visa which allows international students two years further leave after the studies to secure a job in the UK. This will help Britain to hold on to truly global talent as it incentivises them to work here.